Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lost Some Self-esteem...Worlds

Another big group at Worlds last night and a little bit of everything ensued which made it so interesting. Competitive spirit was on full display and folks were letting their legs do the talking for the most part. Worlds is that group ride where you can get away with riding like a prick as long as it doesn't put someone in danger. We had a rider lock horns with a orange construction barrel. Not sure exactly what happened. I just saw folks diving off into the grass shoulder followed by some yelling and a heavy dose of adult speak. This provoked a much needed William Wallace-esque speech about pointing out large orange barrels. Even the bunch needs to be reminded every now and then. It was a wheel-suck kinda night for me. Felt like I was in a boxing match and someone entered me in the wrong weight class. For some reason it's still super fun to show up and take a beating. Twisted right. There was a moment on 170 when we kept going from headwind to crosswind. The wind made it stressful but I really enjoyed the intensity of it all. My mind was so engaged during that stretch, the only thing I could think about was keeping good position by anticipating the changes in wind direction. I think it's all these little things that happen while on the rivet that makes it unique and keeps me coming back for more. Already looking forward to next Tuesday.

Paxton R all smiles after gettin sideways with a construction barrel.  

Dropping into the PG Battle Field. 


Without words the bunch slows & everyone returns to civilization.  

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