Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Saturday Ride 5/17

PCG & I headed west for a couple days. Meeting up with great friends in the Rockies is medicine for the soul. Had to pinch myself a couple times to make sure it was real. I've been going to Colorado since I was a wippersnapper even worked there a couple summers in college as a backpacking guide. The mountains never get old to me. Every year PCG gets together with some of her closest friends from college for ‘Gerrrrz’ Weekend. This year they decided to include the boys so it was more like Gerrrz & Berrrz + Childz Weekend. Colorado is a super special place. From a cycling perspective it offers unparalleled mountain biking.
Before we hit the trail we played (I hacked away at) this other sport involving hand-eye coordination. 

I made it about 13 holes then my frail cyclist upper body gave way. So I started taking pictures.

This might as well be Omaha Beach. 

Jim-Jim looking PRO.

On borrowed steed.

We headed over to the Air Force Academy to tackle the Falcon Trail Loop.

The biggest grin on my face.

Ian has been paddling, climbing, biking through these mountains way longer/more then I have. Big time thanks for setting me up and taking me out! I'll return the favor when you come to AR. 

It was great to follow (try and follow) his wheel.

Man, what a morning. If you are in the Colorado Springs area hit up the Falcon Trail Loop its worth it. 

And then...these great people at Garden of the Gods.

Timmers #selfie.

Lil climber.

Lil caver.

Lil bike. If it has two wheels... Photo by Ian H.

This is what 17 people look like in between takes.


Let's Eat!

Good times with great folks.

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