Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Son of a...Worlds

Check 1...check 2
Johnny Law warm up
calm before the storm
20 plus, solid
Wind S @ 22
Habberton-Guy Terry-45-170-Black Oak-New Road-
Elkins-Round Mtn.-Wyman-it's complicated...
Steer clear of Banana Bandit
Cannibal, Alberto, Lightning Holt & return of the MG
there will be blood
Black Oak looms
single file already
are we going to ride this hard all night?
spot of bother
first pitch...son of a...
hollllllldddd the wheel
okay hollllllldddd the next wheel
okay try this one
second pitch, son of a...
Lightning Holt bridges us back
regroup, 1 in a million
Thunder Rd. virgins
first pitch...son of a...
Boonen attacks
Alberto, JMSR, PZ, MG, Banana Bandit goes
this thing just keeps...
almost...corner...another ramp!?
Hallmark HTFU moment
Banana Bandit fades
first class ticket on the Lightning Holt train
lost, regroup, 2 in a million

Elkins sprint looms
who's gonna...
I'm lookin' at you
you lookin' at me...
I said are you lookin' at me?...
Boonen goes, sprint over
regroup, 3 in a million
Cannibal rages
bunch splinters
regroup, 4 in a million
this gas station is so clean
glass packs were so 1980's dude...
one berg to go
Old Bike, JMSR, Alberto, MG have a dig
PZ fades The Teacher rolls by
into the sun
regroup, 5 in a million
Wyman at sunset, Ozarkia

attacka! Cannibal & The Captain
who's gonna pull?
hesitation is devastation
shatter, 3 groups
tapping the mat
roll easy with BCO
damage control
I'd be limping if I wasn't on a bike
good times.

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